Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sad to say that few care

When you here the academics, media and politicians talk about work force development it is no wonder that they wouldn't know a great program if it bite them on the nose.  Since none of them have any clue what it takes to get things down in the community.

We are also not surprised that the mentors that we have come across that are all ready to help from World Champion "Local" Basketball standouts to the coaches and regular business & community leaders that get it and have been our source of strength.

This summer a whole new world will open up to our first group of social media citizens and the old power structure had nothing to do with it and it seems to work best this way.   Government is behind and they'll just have to catch up.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We'll ask anyone for help.

We'll not stop for anyone, anything or a single spelling error. 

The right thing for the community and for these kids is to pour our hearts and personal funds into this project. If you want to help again we ask that you just contact us.  Note if there is a mispellin that is particularly bothersome to anyone let us know and if it's correctable we'll do it.  We are not subsidies by corporate or government dollars we don't have a staff. What we do have is this idea and many, many supporters and we'll grateful for what we have gotten done with what we have. 

So to further that light we seek we have reached out to this site and let them know about this project.  Might want to check it out yourselves.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We're on Drumbeat

Here is the Date.

cloudworkforcesedc get your tickets nows. Become a sponsor if you want to help share the wealth.

Cloud Workforce Program SEDC
Monday, January 17, 2011 at 6:00 PM (ET)
Washington, DC

R Plea 4 Chrome Notebooks Win Win Win Win.

Here is our please to Google for the ChromeOS Notebooks for this project.

1st Class is now being targeted for Jan

We are clearing all obstacles in our way to have the 1st meeting of the Project  which will launch with the participates being drawn out from some of Washington DC toughest neighbors where the digital divide is a canyon keeping our youth from reaching any potential in this business of cloud age.

All of us will meet for the first get together on Jan 17th. 2011.  Where we will present our program and even bring some of the kids into immediate positions working on real and game changing projects and programs. 
We have sent notices to the several DC Council member inviting them to be part of the program and now that Vince Gray is Mayor of DC we'll be sending his staff the information as well.

The project was registered on Kickstarter and we'll be announcing some other social media tools to help everyone help ourselves and the youth that will not be getting this opportunity any other way then this grass roots business and community lead project.

We believe that once our first project is completed that we'll have developed a system where by other areas can use this project template to work on both jobs training and the communication gap that all business especially local shops and services are facing in this new Business of Cloud Computing.

The details are being worked on and posted shortly.