Friday, September 3, 2010

We are part of the solution and you are the answer.

There is a force of computing so big it is able to cover the world and so slick it can shimer off into the vapors. Well some of us know about this quicksilver on the interTubes, because we are on in and have been for many, many years and even longer on computers.   Those years allowed us starting in 1997 to collect geocentric names and then build an online community that represented the physical one in areas like American University Park DC, BowieTownCenter, MD heck almost any Towncenter we have and they along with all maner of socail media will be connected

It is from this simple notion of connection to your community online that we know is the future of all communications.  With a future comes job opportunities and careers for individuals and economies of global scale on the micro level for companies, groups and organizations ~ EVEN Government. Actually! the GOV2.0 movement is much stronger then the private business markets.

We believe that a whole workforce can arise starting with  CloudSalespeople and the followup CloudWorkforce to make the social media and other communicative info.   We are going to do it.  Right now we have homeless people that could  instantly changes their life be being invisible to connected to the world and their local community.   This is the economic game changing reality of Social Media.

No one knows where it will end, however everyone should realize it is the Future (((((((TODAY)))))).  Being part of the business of cloud computing is no longer a dream it is a job and career making opportuinity and we are going to Help Earth as the same times.

This is what we call the Win Win WIn Win